Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Its all happening around!!

Life in control, life at ease, just could be spent searching the eternal, the purpose, the divine, the meaning if this is peace where is it all always. our life goes in spending time for someone`s benefit for getting monetary benefit we spend time to get money and spend money to live, eat, survive. Just going back to the past, and look at humans - what did they do, just survive their bodies with food and shelter, just like any other animal species in this planet. the female take care of their family and manage their household.

The male goes out in the wild and comes back with something to survive his family. This was the case for many many years. The human life was just only survival. Today the world has gone very far in its dimensions of life being lived in millions of ways and actions, that had cause damage to humans as well as the planet. Every human wants happiness, more money, peace, harmony, healthy life. The directions of humans are more into making money and spend all the time for money to get all other things done in their life. Spending time to earn money all the time just to spend the resting hours at comfort. Where is the deal. The deal is just to spending time to spend the remaining time normal. at last the time is spent for ending the old age life in pain in terms of health issues and dissatisfaction of their family members etc,., where is this human life heading to. This is just about the normal developing and developed countries. What about the other countries who are struck in various terrorist activities and war. Their life has nothing but survival strategies, like many communities in the past. The question is - is this all human life? Can everyone ask this question to yourself at least once a day. Just realize the power of this question and enormous energy that could be gathered while answering this question. The answer could be massive, that can blow us into the universe and come out of this unaware state of human nature - just getting slave for money and time. Live it, live it, but leave it with what is called wisdom or truth of this life or else it is a sin to spend our time in this planet for no reason damaging so many things in this wonderful part of the universe. Animals have proved to be the best species who can live in this planet more than any other species. They just survive without disturbing anyone or anything. The Selfishness in the humans are exposed more and more in the history and the present and it will be future as well. Just for the selfish feeling of each humans, this planet need not be used and we are not fit to live and destroy this planet. We humans should take in the stand for living futher for a purpose or some directions should be finalised for all the human community to take this life forward in this planet. There are lot of complexity in this execution but unless this happens, it is just going to be the game of selfish beings taking this planet for a ride during their given lifetime and nothing else and I doubt if that is what we have been created for!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Want more money!!

Here is what you need, yes want more money!!
Money is what the entire world is running behind. However, we need to understand that why people are behind more money or rather money spending their whole precious life around them.

Guess what, yes you and me do it and everyone does it continuosly without realising the need and the source of the requirements. There is no wrong in running behind more money because, deep in heart you know well that Money is the only tool available which can be exchanged with any thing in this world. This is apart from your sentiment stuff, where people always like the words, "Money cant buy everything" and the same person will be running towards it the next day morning to feed his family or provide certain comforts that they would need indeed even if he doesnt want to have it.

Also there is another famous quote, "Money is not everything". Yes I would agree to that but only if you have it.

This is not about lecturing about money but just to brief and for us to understand what it is all in a short factor. Money revolves around you or your revolve around it, either one of them will happen for sure. Therefore each one of us are having a craving desire to have money and more money if we all can get it. Yes we are clear on that, but what are the ways to generate money?

I can list certain items down here for you to recollect what you have in mind first, before getting deep into it:

  • Job
  • Business
  • Freelancer / Consultant
  • Investment in Stocks/Shares/Mutual funds/SIP etc.,
  • Internet related business(eg: Adsense, etc)
  • Sell/buy stuff online, with a very good experience in handling clients.
Yes these are some which can relate your mind. You may also have better knowledge in adding more as well. That`s not the point. How many of us really think that if there could be a world without the above factors in life. Is`nt it great to have such a world where money is not a criteria to live, and yes that would be a paradise indeed and that is what the human race is trying to achieve directly or by indirectly running behind money. We humans need freedom, unlimited happiness, blissful life. Those who all believe this can start follow this blog and we will discuss more in detail to have you start a new journey in discovery of your own life. Yes we have a lot to discuss, and we will catchup soon in this blog.
Honest Request - The more your questions are, the more we can dive deep into your real side of your life and existence. Feel free to post your thoughts and this can change things which could not even be matched by our words. Sincere Thanks for reading this!!